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To download a copy of either the Examinations Information, Rules an Regulations or any of the Specifications, please click here.

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to view the 2013 Percentile Ranking Chart, which illustrates where a candidate ranks in comparison to other candidates in Canada who entered for the same examination.


Specials are Graded Examinations that are scheduled outside of the regular fall and spring tour sessions. They are required to consist of a minimum of six hours of examining time and depend on the availability of an examiner. More than one studio may participate in an examination special.

Cost $295 Surcharge (per studio)
Applicable fees per Grade Level (see Graded Examination Fees)
Examiner's travel expenses

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Result Enquiry Service Guidelines - Services Available

1. Result Enquiry Clerical Check

All results are clerically checked and reviewed before issue, and enquiries concerning accuracy should not normally be necessary. However, teachers, candidates or parents/guardians may apply for a further administration, data entry and monitoring check to ensure that all procedures have been carried out appropriately and that marks have been accurately reported. Fee: $20.00 per candidate.

If it is found that an error has been made on the part of the Academy, the fee will be refunded.

2. Result Enquiry Report

With the criteria based marking system used, teachers and schools should be able to see clearly the main areas of their students' strengths and weaknesses, as evidenced on the day of the examination. In the vast majority of cases, this should provide sufficient feedback. There may be instances, however, where a greater level of detail is required and the Result Enquiry Report is tailored to meet that need.

As well as the clerical check, this service includes a written report by the examiner, which provides details of the results awarded. This is based on notes taken at the time of the exam and will include comments related to each of the assessment criteria. Fee: $60.00 per candidate.

If it is found that a clerical error has been made on the part of the Academy, that part of the fee will be refunded and the form and certificate will be re-issued where appropriate.


1) Result Enquiry Service application forms can be obtained by clicking here.

2) Applications should be sent to the RAD/Canada office within 10 working days of results being received.

3) The Academy will endeavour to process and dispatch all reports within 40 working days of receipt, although this may not be possible in cases when the examiner responsible for writing the report is out of the country or otherwise absent.

Payments may be made by credit card or cheque, payable to Royal Academy of Dance.

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Graded Examination Appeals

A candidate or teacher has grounds for appeal if he/she can establish that:

  • There have been irregular procedures on the part of the examiner.
  • There was evidence of bias or prejudice on the part of the examiner.
  • There were circumstances seriously affecting the candidate that were not known to the Academy at the time the examination result was issued and which could provide reasonable doubt that the same result would have been made in light of this new evidence.

No other grounds for appeal will be considered admissible, and appeals, which question the artistic judgement of the examiner, will not be accepted. This is because the nature of dance examinations is such that candidates are assessed on a performance, which does not produce lasting evidence, thus making it difficult to make a fair investigation into such an appeal.

The person making the appeal must be the teacher (not the parent or the candidate) who entered the candidate.

An Appeal should be postmarked no later than ten (10) days after the result has been received to the Centre and the Academy will acknowledge the appeal within seven (7) working days of receipt.

For further information about the Appeals procedure, contact

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