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Special Needs

Policy Statement

The Royal Academy of Dance is an equal opportunity organization and has a policy of open access to Examinations and Presentation Classes regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, socio-economic background, colour, race nationality, ethnic origin, sensory or physical disability.

Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance

Classical Ballet, by its very nature, is a precise physical art concerned with shape, line, co-ordination, musical and performance qualities. It is within these parameters that the academy welcomes disabled candidates for Graded and Vocational Graded examinations.

It is recognized that some disabled candidates who are entered for examinations, may need extra time or special aids to enable them to perform to the best of their ability and, if possible, the Academy will make the appropriate arrangements. It is, however, emphasized that all disabled candidates will be assessed against exactly the same criteria as non-disabled candidates.

If a teacher anticipates entering a disabled candidate for an examination, he/she should complete the appropriate application form available from the Academy Examinations Department and send it to the RAD/Canada office. Applications should be made at least four weeks prior to the closing date of the session in which the entry is to be made, to enable the Academy to make any special arrangements that may be necessary to ensure that the candidate's particular access requirements are met.

Presentation Classes

If there is any doubt about a student's ability to fulfill the assessment criteria for a Graded examination, he/she may be entered for a Presentation Class, which is conducted by the teacher and non-assessed. The procedure for entry is the same as for examinations.

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