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Post Secondary Education

Making a decision about which course to choose and where to study is challenging. The Royal Academy of Dance offers a unique portfolio of internationally recognized Dance and Dance Teaching qualifications.

The degrees, diplomas and certificates that the Royal Academy of Dance offers, enables student teachers, teachers, professional dancers and notators to gain qualifications, either at the Academy's London Headquarters, or by distance learning.

For those in Canada wanting to choose a distance learning program, you will have the opportunity to study at times and locations to suit your specific circumstances and career aspirations which include;

  • BA (Hons) in Dance Education validated by the University of Surrey
  • Diploma of Higher Education: Dance Education validated by the University of Surrey
  • Certificate of Higher Education: Dance Teaching validated by the University of Surrey
  • Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies
  • Diploma in Ballet Teaching Studies
  • Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance

Which Programme is for You?
Studying at the Royal Academy of Dance, London
Studying from your Own Home

To request a copy of the Faculty of Education Prospectus, contact, or to request information on the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies, contact

Or click here to link to the Academy's Faculty of Education page at our head office in London, England.

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